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5 Challenges of Building a Custom Home & How To Overcome Them

Exterior of custom built home by Falcon Alaska

Building a custom home allows you to create a unique living space that reflects your style and accommodates your specific needs. However, it also comes with inherent difficulties, with potential challenges at every phase of the project.

Proper planning, expert guidance, and a proactive mindset make it easier to enjoy the homebuilding process and overcome the following issues:

Decision Fatigue

With countless design options, you can quickly become overwhelmed and experience decision fatigue.

Selecting materials, fixtures, color palettes, layouts, and finishes requires careful consideration, and the pressure to create a space you’ll love can be mentally exhausting. Plus, as design and architectural trends continually evolve, it’s often difficult to strike a balance between timeless appeal and today’s popular styles.

Managing decision fatigue requires patience, research, and assistance from a professional design/build team that can help you hone your ideas into a cohesive design.

Long Lead Times

Picking suitable materials is critical to achieving a one-of-a-kind home, but the time and research required to select the best ones surprises many.

Some unique or specialized materials can have longer lead times, especially if they’re in high demand, short supply, or need to be sourced out of the area. Material delivery delays can also disrupt the construction schedule and lead to additional costs.

Careful planning, early material selection, and working closely with suppliers help your design/build team ensure timely procurement and avoid project delays.

Budget Management

Managing a budget effectively helps you avoid overspending or spending money unnecessarily. Falcon Alaska’s design/build process takes a proactive approach so we can determine an accurate budget before a project begins.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive initial consultation to understand your vision and needs. We’ll work together to create a detailed cost estimate that includes all aspects of the project, such as materials, labor, permits, and more.

By establishing a clear budget and maintaining open communication throughout the project, we’ll help you mitigate last-minute surprises and avoid unnecessary spending.

Permit Delays

Permit delays can be frustrating, lengthy, and unpredictable. In Alaska, environmental conditions, complex zoning requirements, and plan revisions can lead to delays that disrupt the construction schedule, cause frustration for the homeowner and builder, and potentially incur additional costs.

Your builder will submit thorough and accurate applications and conduct regular follow-ups to help mitigate permit delays, keep the project on track, and ensure the plans for your custom home comply with building codes and regulations.

Weather Delays

Alaska’s winters bring freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, and strong winds, posing serious challenges for construction. The weather and climate here can create delays and difficulties in pouring foundations, installing utilities, and protecting the structure from snow and ice damage.

More remote properties can even become difficult to access in inclement weather, presenting other logistical ordeals during construction, such as transporting building materials and equipment.

Your construction team will create a schedule with consideration for the forecast, and they’ll follow contingency plans when needed. If delays are unavoidable, your project manager will communicate the adjusted timeline and work to minimize lost time.

Build Your Custom Home With Falcon Alaska

As you start planning your custom home build, there will be obstacles along the way. Fortunately, an experienced design/build firm like Falcon will seamlessly address these challenges so you can enjoy the process.

We’re more than a general contractor. Our integrated approach, the Falcon Framework, ensures careful coordination between you, your architectural and interior designers, and your construction team, minimizing the risk of delays and costly mistakes.

Schedule a consultation online or call Falcon Alaska at 907-745-3865 to start your custom home build in Anchorage or the Mat-Su Valley.

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