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Residential & Commercial Foundation Construction Serving Anchorage & the Mat-Su Valley

Any residential or commercial construction project starts with a foundation to provide essential support and stability. It ensures your home or building can withstand natural elements and provide lasting quality and safety.

Falcon Alaska is more than a general contractor. We’re a design/build firm that also self-performs structural concrete services. Our team has proudly served Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley since 1995, and we’d be happy to be a part of your project.

Whether you’re a general contractor looking to subcontract this critical construction phase or a homeowner or business owner entrusting us with your project from concept to completion, our flexible approach allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs and ensure the highest standard of work.

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Residential Concrete Foundations

Falcon Alaska provides solid pour concrete for residential design/build projects to ensure your home remains stable and level, even as natural forces like wind and soil shifts put your property’s integrity to the test.

We’ll effectively handle weather and landscaping challenges during the construction process by providing on-site solutions for an efficient process. Quality materials and expert installation from our highly motivated team ensure your foundation serves its purpose effectively.

Falcon Alaska provides scalable solutions for:

Custom Home Foundations

Custom homes require custom foundations. Unlike standard residential foundations that may use concrete blocks, solid pour foundations are more versatile for unique layouts.

We provide remote structural concrete using on- and off-the-road systems to build your dream home from the ground up, even with challenging build site conditions.

Foundations for Multi-Family Projects & Residential Communities

Construction site with multiple new foundations being poured, some of which are already finished

Subdivisions need foundations for multiple home layouts and shared amenities. We use advanced technology like GPS positioning to ensure precise results and a streamlined process.

Falcon can work with developers to ensure each construction phase stays on schedule. We’ll always craft a Whole-Structure System, starting with the foundation. Our approach ensures each home will stand the test of time.

Commercial Concrete Services

Freshly poured concrete floor being dried with a large fan outside

Foundations for commercial construction are specialized structural bases engineered to withstand significantly higher loads, including heavy machinery, multiple stories, and high foot traffic.

Often made of reinforced concrete to add strength and durability, they can include specialized features like thicker slabs, piles or caissons, and grade beams. Depending on the application, the specifications of a commercial foundation must be meticulously planned and executed.

Commercial buildings are typically subject to rigorous building codes and inspections, so you need a team of specialized contractors to expertly design your commercial space and carry out construction.

Falcon Alaska’s commercial foundation services are ideal for a wide range of businesses and industries, including:

The Falcon Framework

Falcon Alaska follows a proven process that ensures quality design and construction from start to finish:

  • Meet and greet: This initial consultation is where you’ll meet our team so we can discuss your project goals and financial considerations to understand how we can work together.
  • Design concept interview: We collect an initial fee and explore your project’s objectives in-depth. We’ll use this information to produce a preliminary concept supported by 3D visualizations.
  • Project examination: After the basic concept and initial budget approval, our architectural and interior designers consult with you to discuss the finer aspects of your design and layout.
  • Contract packet: Upon plan review and approval, a final contract is prepared and signed.
  • Construction: We’ll select a start date, order materials, conduct an on-site orientation, and ensure all permits are in place before we start construction. We’ll ensure all aspects of the build are completed seamlessly, from pouring the foundation and framing to a final walk-through.
  • Project delivery: We’ll finalize various aspects of the project to ensure the work meets all specifications and contractual obligations. After that, you’re ready to move into your new property.

Contact Falcon for Foundation Construction in Anchorage & the Mat-Su Valley

When you partner with Falcon Alaska for residential or commercial design/build services, you benefit from working with a team of experts that’s thoroughly aligned with your project’s goals and have the skills and experience to bring it to life.

We manage every aspect of the design and construction process, helping you stay on schedule and manage expenses effectively. Trust our team for structural concrete services and know that we uphold the highest building standards.

Contact Falcon Alaska online or call 907-745-3865 to learn more about our design/build services, including foundation construction, in Anchorage and throughout the Mat-Su Valley.

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