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Your service is the best that I could ever ask for. Joe is calm and cool all the time and I did beat him up a few times and it just made him work harder to please the customer. I talked to several people over the couple of years prior to selecting a builder and I have never heard owners complain or fight with Wirtanen like all the other builders.
Your homes do cost a bit more than others, but what’s behind the walls is more important to me than the looks of the house and this is what you build. A long lasting efficient home. Most builders sell the looks of the home (as most buyers are buying the looks of the home) and never realize what’s in the walls. I appreciate a builder that is selling more than floor covering and paint. When you look at my home compared to others, that’s when it shines with the triple pane windows, spray foam, thermal break wall system and deepened crawl space.
Overall I am very happy with the home and still have a hard time believing I live in such a beautiful home with an amazing view. I know this house will be solid and efficient for my lifetime, and for the next owner after I’m gone. I would like to thank all of you at Wirtanen, especially Joe, Steven and Arliss for staying calm and working with me during the construction period. Thank you.