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You spun up a winter build with very little lead time after authoring a final design that two licensed architects couldn’t get right. You are the only one who could match our design to our budget and made several critical design additions and suggestions which we are extremely pleased with. You dug a well and septic completely on budget which was a nervous time for us. You surveyed the layout of the house perfectly, as evidenced by the beautiful light and mountain views throughout the house. You helped us bring the house to a 5 star plus energy rating with very little added expense to us. The appraisal, another very nervous aspect for us, came in ABOVE the project budget, which was pure magic. When the framing crew had scheduling problems, you worked tirelessly to keep the project on schedule and diplomatically dealt with grumpy clients and framers alike and made sure to compensate us with any inconvenience by moving a window at no cost to us and other efforts. Your communication was fluid, frequent, respectful and lighthearted regardless of how busy things got. You were an excellent listener when it came to laying out the hundreds of lighting, plumbing and mechanical details and never once expressed frustration when we changed our minds. When it came to finish work, we were ecstatic with Wirtanen’s custom doors and trim, the counters/vanities, the kitchen layout, the closets, tiling and lighting. You happily responded to what must have been 250 texts from Jamie and I dealing with the minutiae and details of the finish work, you drove all the way from Sutton to investigate a problem on a day you weren’t feeling well and planned to work from home and it probably wasn’t easy to ask the subs and trades to return again and again to make the extremely fine-tuned adjustments Jamie and I repeatedly asked for.

Last night Jamie and I went over to the house and spent some time just sitting in each room and in those moments, we realized that after a three year journey we had finally arrived home. To have a small corner of the world to call your own is one of the greatest things, and that’s what you made for us. Your grade on this work, without reservation, is A+.

For our part, we would like to pay back your effort by supporting Wirtanen in any way we can. You can ask us for a written recommendation any time. You can use quotes from this message or others on your website or publications. You can take photos of the house and you are welcome to bring clients over to walk through. We will write five star reviews on any website you like, and we will forever recommend to our friends and colleagues Wirtanen as the ONLY contractor to use. Sometimes I get a sense that folks think Wirtanen is too high quality/custom/expensive for their budgets but I am convinced that in the end clients save thousands by having everything built right the first time, notwithstanding the immense psychological relief of not having to manage subs and trades.