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Serving the Mat-Su Valley & Surrounding Areas.

Building a true custom home is unique, as it’s a home that has never been built before. This requires home plans to be drawn up and vetted for feasibility. Our in-house design team offers this service.

The biggest challenge with building a custom home stems from a disjointed process that culminates in change orders, schedule delays and missed expectations with selections and finishes. The Falcon Framework 6 Step Process has been developed and time-tested to avoid these notorious pitfalls.

By drafting our client’s home plans, we can effectively bridge “The Big Three,” meaning your Lot Selection, Home Design, and Budget. Without dovetailing these three key components during the initial process, a disappointing build experience is nearly guaranteed.

In our experience, the Budget is the most difficult to communicate with regards to a custom home design, and therefore is often glossed over by traditional architects or designers. Not because they don’t care, but simply because they aren’t intimately familiar with costs of construction. And who knows costs better than the builder? With Falcon being both the designer and builder, we offer the invaluable guidance from the outset, giving you the critical information you need to make informed decisions. Questions like:

  • Is building a custom home the best decision for me?
  • Will this home design and/or style fit my budget?
  • Will this lot accommodate the home I have in mind?
  • How long will it take for the design process and build process?

We might not be able tell you what you WANT to hear, but we will tell you what we believe to be true, a Core Value at Falcon Alaska.

If you’d like to learn more about our design/build process, contact us and we would be happy to schedule a free consultation.